Statement of the Issues

  title={Statement of the Issues},
  author={Kenneth H. Klein},
The Logical Positivists’ attack upon that type of religious belief exemplified by Christianity—or, to put it more simply, their attack upon theism—turns upon the Positivists taking a particular stand on each of three issues. It will be helpful to set out these issues clearly at the beginning, since certain writers, whose views will be examined in chapters two, three, and four, have proposed that the argument should be countered, or might be averted altogether, by taking a different stand on… 

Romania at a Crossroad

Abstract Observations have suggested that results of initial elections were the single most important factor in determining central and eastern European progress after the U.S.S.R. breakup in 1991.

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Tobacco industry issues management organizations: Creating a global corporate network to undermine public health

The massive scale and scope of this industry effort illustrate how corporate interests, when threatened by the globalization of public health, sidestep competitive concerns to coordinate their activities.

Gender Wage Differences in Soviet and Transitional Estonia

Abstract We use the retrospective, covering the years 1989 – 1994, Estonian Labor Force Survey to examine potential wage discrimination against women. We look at full-time workers of Estonian and

Online banking in transition economies: the implementation and development of online banking systems in Romania

Internet banking is one of the newest Internet technology applications, which promises multiple benefits both for the financial institutions and for clients. In the last five years a large number of

ICT strategies for development: Implementing multichannel banking in Romania

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