Stated Preferences for Plant-Based and Cultured Meat: A Choice Experiment Study of Spanish Consumers

  title={Stated Preferences for Plant-Based and Cultured Meat: A Choice Experiment Study of Spanish Consumers},
  author={Alfredo J Escribano and Maria Belen Pe{\~n}a and Carlos D{\'i}az‐Caro and Ahmed Elghannam and Eva Crespo-Cebada and Francisco J. Mes{\'i}as},
Meat production and consumption have been claimed to have negative impacts on the environment, and even on the consumer’s health. In this sense, alternative sources of protein, mainly meat substitutes and cultured meat, have emerged due to those perceived negative effects. Our paper carries out a choice experiment to analyze the preferences of 444 Spanish consumers and their willingness to pay for plant-based and cultured meats, as compared to conventional meat. Spain was considered of interest… 
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