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State transitions in LMC X-3

  title={State transitions in LMC X-3},
  author={Roberto Soria and M J Page and Kinwah Wu},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
We carried out a multiwavelenght study of the black-hole candidate LMC X-3 with XMM-Newton. The system showed a transition to a low-hard state, in which the X-ray spectrum was well fitted by a simple power law. It then returned to a high-soft state, characterised by a strong disk-blackbody component. The line-of-sight absorption column density is <~ 4 x 10^{20} cm^{-2} consistent with the foreground Galactic absorption. This rules out wind accretion. We argue that, despite LMC X-3 being a high… 

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