State of the Art

  title={State of the Art},
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In 1989, my partner Graham Nash purchased an IRIS 3047 graphics printer. We had been searching for a way to create quality output from digital files for several years. We investigated many methods and experienced many disappointments. The IRIS was a standout compared to anything else available at the time. It excelled at resolution, color fidelity and, perhaps most exciting to us, its ability to print on various substrates. One important factor in the original decision to pursue digital was… 



Software's Chronic Crisis

Denver’s new international air port was to be the pride of the Rockies, a wonder of modern engineering that orchestrates the safe and timely arrival of every valise and ski bag.

The Mythical Man-Month

The author will list some of the assertions in the book and invite dispute or support from the audience in this public discussion of the published book.

Foundations for the study of software architecture

A model of software architecture that consists of three components: elements, form, and rationale is presented, which provides the underlying basis for the architecture in terms of the system constraints, which most often derive from the system requirements.

Laws of Software Evolution Revisited

This paper is intended to trigger wider interest in the laws and in the FEAST study of feedback and feedback control in the context of the software process and its improvement to ensure beneficial exploitation of their potential.

Design patterns: elements of reuseable object-oriented software

The book is an introduction to the idea of design patterns in software engineering, and a catalog of twenty-three common patterns. The nice thing is, most experienced OOP designers will find out


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Software architecture - perspectives on an emerging discipline

1. architectural Styles, 2. Shared Information Systems, 3. Education of Software Architects, 4. Architectural Design Guidance.