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State of Fragmentation : The Philippines in Transition

  title={State of Fragmentation : The Philippines in Transition},
  author={Walden F. Bello and K. Cardenas and Jenina Joy Chavez and J. P. Cruz and M. Manahan and Clarissa Militante and Joseph Purugganan and Friedrich Ebert Siftung},
State of Fragmentation: The Philippines in Transition by the Focus on the Global South (FGS) is a well-researched, incisive critique of neoliberalism and its various forms in the Philippines. This is no small feat considering this ideology’s hegemonic grip on the country’s intellectual and policy climate. The book offers a rich trove of insights for those who want to critically engage in and look for alternative readings of sociopolitical problems in the Philippines. The selection of its themes… CONTINUE READING
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