State estimation and detection of changes in time interval models


This paper presents an estimation approach for Time Event Graphs such as P-Time Event Graphs and Time Stream Event Graphs. It is assumed that the nominal behavior is known and that transitions are partitioned as observable and unobservable transitions. The technique is applied to the detection of changes which are (possibly small) finite variations of dynamic models compared to this nominal behavior. The detected changes provide indications that can be used in future maintenance operations. Using the algebra of dioids, the approach uses a receding-horizon estimation of the greatest state and analyzes the consistency of the data.

DOI: 10.1007/s10626-012-0149-8

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@article{Declerck2014StateEA, title={State estimation and detection of changes in time interval models}, author={Philippe Declerck and Abdelhak Guezzi}, journal={Discrete Event Dynamic Systems}, year={2014}, volume={24}, pages={53-68} }