State and fate of the remaining tropical mountain glaciers in australasia using satellite imagery

  title={State and fate of the remaining tropical mountain glaciers in australasia using satellite imagery},
  author={Bijeesh KV and Shanshan Wang},
  journal={Journal of Mountain Science},
Tropical glaciers are extremely sensitive to a warming climate. In this paper, the evolution of the remaining tropical glaciers in Australasia (Irian Jaya, Indonesia) during the period 1988-2015 was quantified. Landsat series images, a digital elevation model from SRTM, and previously published data were used. Estimated total glacier area in 1988, 1993, 1997 and 2004 was 3.85 km2±0.13 km2, 3.01 km2±0.08 km2, 2.49 km2±0.07 km2 and 1.725 km2 ±0.042 km2, respectively. Only 0.58 km2±0.016 km2… 
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