State and development of dental care for employees in Finland.


The aim of this study was to analyze the present state of occupational dental care in Finland. In addition, the viewpoints of employees and employers concerning possibilities for developing occupational dental care were evaluated. Five percent of employers had arranged dental services for their employees. Twenty-four firms either had their own dentist or had made an agreement with a dentist about dental care for their employees. Most of these dentists delivered all kinds of dental treatment to employees, and the costs of treatment were usually paid from the worker's sickness benefit funds. Many such funds also subsidized the costs of dental treatment delivered in other dental offices. In 1978 about 49% of the workers covered by such funds received subsidies for their dental expenses. The most important means of developing adult dental care in Finland was considered to be widening the scope of public dental care. The second means was widening the scope of the national health insurance system. In third place, the employers supported development of private dentistry. Employees, however, preferred to include dental care in agreements made by collective bargaining.

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