State Socialist Bodies: East German Nudism from Ban to Boom*

  title={State Socialist Bodies: East German Nudism from Ban to Boom*},
  author={Josie McLellan},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={48 - 79}
  • J. McLellan
  • Published 1 March 2007
  • History
  • The Journal of Modern History
In 1987, a lavish parade wound through the streets of East Berlin. The procession, to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the city’s foundation, took five hours to pass the podium seating the great and the good of the East German regime. The best views went to First Secretary Erich Honecker and his wife, Margot, the Minister for Education. There was little to distinguish this scene from a thousand other cold war pageants until the arrival of a float bearing topless mermaids. The moment when TV… 
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I am very grateful to Scott Moranda for sharing his work in progress with me. 101 For more on the relationship between nudism, industrialization, and nature, see David Bell and Ruth Holliday
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Cottbus accounted for 46.1 percent of the GDR's landmass but 60.6 percent of its population and 71.9 percent of its industrial workers
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