State Ideology and the Kurds in Turkey

  title={State Ideology and the Kurds in Turkey},
  author={Neophytos Loizides},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={513 - 527}
This article evaluates theories of nationalism by examining the formation of Kurdish nationalism in Turkey. It deals particularly with the various manifestations of the contemporary Kurdish minority question and provides an account of the late development of Kurdish nationalism in Turkey. It situates the Kurdish experience within the broader experience of the post-Ottoman world and analyzes the awakening of Kurdish national identity among broader segments of the population. It provides an… 

From Progress to Order: the “Kurdish Openings” and the Limits to Contentious Politics in Turkey

Since the first electoral victory of the party in 2002, the AKP (Justice and Development Party) has set out to radically alter the nature of political structures and power relations in Turkey.

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Using comprehensive and original data derived from a recent major public opinion survey, this study examines an under-investigated aspect of the Kurdish issue in Turkey: the dynamics and factors

Mountain Turks: state ideology and the Kurds in Turkey

This article examines the implementation of the Turkish state ideology as a tool for persuading and assimilating the Kurds and other ethnic and linguistic groups. Existing studies emphasize that the

The social construction of ‘many Kurdishnesses’: Mapping sub-identities of ‘EU-ising’ Kurdish politics

Political identity is a central issue in Kurdish rights’ demands in Turkey. However, Kurdish political identity is not formed in a homogeneous context and has become a ground for a hegemonic struggle

Who supports secession? The determinants of secessionist attitudes among Turkey's Kurds

Who supports secession in a multiethnic country? What factors lead to secessionist or separatist attitudes? Despite the substantial interest in secessionist movements, the micro-level factors and

The Dynamics of Policy Agenda, Issue Diversity, and Policy Change in Democratic and Non-democratic Times

In this chapter we explore patterns in the Turkish policymaking process by examining a variety of data sources including parliamentary archives and budget outlays (Bulut and Yildirim 2019). Since the

Perspectives on Ethno-National Conflict Among Kurdish Families With Members in the PKK

This article reports the findings of an ethnographic study of families with members involved in the armed struggle for Kurdish nationalism led by the Kurdistan Workers' Party. Based on in-depth,

Oil and intra-state conflict in Iraq and Syria: sub-state actors and challenges for Turkey's energy security

ABSTRACT The continuing dependency on fossil fuels of the Middle East not only in Turkey's energy mix but also in world energy demand requires further analysis of oil and conflict in the region since

Turkey and the USA in a Bipolarizing Middle East

Since 2011, the Middle East has become more bipolarized between Iran and the USA and their respective allies. The Syrian civil war has become a proxy conflict between the two blocs. Systems theory

Rational political parties and electoral games: the AKP's strategic move for the Kurdish vote in Turkey

ABSTRACTBased on spatial modeling, this study introduces the Kurdish Opening policy of the AKP to resolve the Kurdish problem in Turkey as a rational strategy to increase its electoral support. On



Between Security and Liberalization: Decoding Turkey's Struggle with the PKK

This article identifies the dynamics of the national security syndrome and the pendulum swing between security and liberalization that are embedded in the Turkish political system. It then explores

Elite Framing and Conflict Transformation in Turkey

This article examines the effects of elite framing on conflict transformation. It utilises debates from the Turkish Grand National Assembly as the main source of empirical evidence and demonstrates

Seeing the Albanians through Serbian Eyes: The Inventors of the Tradition of Intolerance and Their Critics, 1804-1939

The rise of the modern national states in the post-Ottoman Balkans was accompanied by coercive assimilation, deportation, and even extermination of ethnic minorities, especially the local Muslims. In

Social Preconditions of National Revival in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of the Social Composition of Patriotic Groups among the Smaller European Nations

This book is a revised translation of two works by Miroslav Hroch, which together form a pioneering comparative analysis of the various struggles for national identity in nineteenth-century Europe.

A Modern History of the Kurds

1. Introduction: Kurdish identity and social formation. Book I The Kurds in the age of tribe and empire: 2. Kurdistan before the 19th century 3. Ottoman Kurdistan, 1800-1850 4. Ottoman Kurdistan,

The EU Challenge: A View from the Turkish Grand National Assembly

This is a study of the Turkish parliament in the crucial decade 1992–2002, which sheds light on important issues, dilemmas and obstacles facing Turkey in its path to the European Union (EU).1 During

The October 1998 Crisis in Turkish-Syrian Relations: A Prospect Theory Approach

This paper attempts to answer the question of what made the Turkish threats in the 1998 October crisis with Syria different from all others made over the last two decades; and what were the main

The continuing Kurdish problem in Turkey after O¨calan's capture

Turkey's sudden and dramatic capture of Abdullah (Apo) Öcalan in Nairobi, Kenya on 16 February 1999, far from ending the odyssey of the longtime leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), has led

A Modern History of the Kurds

A Modern History of the Kurds, by David McDowall. London and New York: I.B. Tauris Publishers, 1996. xvi + 449 pages. Append. to p. 451. Index to p. 472. $35. David McDowall's new work should prove

Nationalism in Asia and Africa

Published in the year 1974, Nationalism in Asia and Africa is a valuable contribution to the field of Middle Eastern Studies.