State Feminism, Modernization, and the Turkish Republican Woman

  title={State Feminism, Modernization, and the Turkish Republican Woman},
  author={Jenny B. White},
  journal={NWSA Journal},
  pages={145 - 159}
  • J. White
  • Published 1 October 2003
  • History
  • NWSA Journal
As part of a social experiment designed to create a modern, Westernized society out of a mostly rural, conservative population, the Turkish state, founded in 1923, gave women rights still radical for the time. However, these reforms by the "feminist" state did not evolve as a result of demands originating within society, but were imposed from above. The state's ideal of the modern Republican woman left out the majority of women beyond a small urbanized elite. Furthermore, state feminism did not… 

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