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State Courts and Constitutional Socio- Economic Rights: Exploring the Underutilization Thesis

  title={State Courts and Constitutional Socio- Economic Rights: Exploring the Underutilization Thesis},
  author={Stephen Loffredo and Helen Herschkoff},
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Now Is the Time!: Challenging Resegregation and Displacement in the Age of Hypergentrification
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Gentrification is reaching a tipping point of resegregating urban space in global cities like New York and San Francisco, often spurred by seemingly neutral government policies. The displacementExpand
The Mysterious Lockstep Doctrine and the Future of Judicial Federalism in Illinois
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Policy and Human Rights Implications of Women’s Poverty and Vulnerability in the USA
Health disparities are extreme for HIV infection among women in the USA. The risk of African-American women is manyfold higher than Latina women whose risk, in turn, is higher than for white women.Expand
Legislating Human Rights
The Right to Education in the American State Courts


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