State College News 1939-10-13


by Sally Young (this is the first part of a story of the summer European travels of Wilfred Allard, who was in Italy when the recent crisis arose and broke.<) "New York looked mighty good to me." That was the reaction of Wilfred Allard, new supervisor of French in Milne high school, upon his arrival in New York after two and one half months of travel in England, France, and Italy. Allard started out, three months ago, via the Normandie, for a trip to Europe. He spent two weeks in London, saw the tennis finals at Wimbledon, then went to France; the trip across the English channel to Paris was made in seventy-five minutes by air. When he arrived in Paris on the night before July 14, he found it brilliantly lighted for the occasion. The next day he saw a magnificient revue, which represented the entire French empire. Troops from Algeria, Indo-China, Morocco, the French Foreign Legion, and a group from England, and a Scottish reg* Cyr were present. The King's Guards from England, and a Scottich regiment also participated. Hundreds of bombers and pursuit planes flew overhead, displaying the air might of Great Britain and France. A performance of Faust at the Opera, the Comedie Francaise with its "Cyrano de Bergerac", visits to the Louvre and other places of interest to the Parisian traveler, filled three weeks in Paris. From Paris, Allard made a three week's tour to the south of France, including Avignon—the home of the Popes, Nimes, Carcassonne, Marseilles, the French Riviera, Monte Carlo, Cannes, and Nice, in his itinerary. (Concluded in next week's issue) I Fairer Sex Of State To Become Beautiful

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