Starvation Survival and Viable but Nonculturable States in Aeromonas hydrophila

  title={Starvation Survival and Viable but Nonculturable States in Aeromonas hydrophila},
  author={P. L. Rao Mary and Nour Eddine Chihib and O. Charafeddine and Claude Defives and J-P. Hornez},
  journal={Microbial Ecology},
The behavior of Aeromonas hydrophila stored at 4 degrees C and 25 degrees C in nutrient-poor filtered sterilized distilled water was investigated. At 4 degrees C, the A. hydrophila population declined below the detection level (0.1 cell mL(-1)) after 7 weeks, whereas the number of cells with intact membrane as determined by the LIVE/DEAD method decreased only by 1 log unit. Although, this response is reminiscent of the so-called VBNC state, the cells could not be resuscitated by an upshift to… CONTINUE READING

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