Startle epilepsy: a clinical study.

  title={Startle epilepsy: a clinical study.},
  author={E S{\'a}enz-Lope and Felipe Herranz and Joseph C. Masdeu},
  journal={Annals of neurology},
  volume={16 1},
Twelve patients with perinatal anoxic encephalopathy, 1 with encephalitis, and 1 with Down's syndrome had startle epilepsy. Hemiparesis, startle-induced seizures involving the hemiparetic side, focal electroencephalographic abnormalities, and unilateral lesions evident on computed tomographic scan were found in 6 patients, all of whom responded favorably to carbamazepine. The remaining 8 patients had severe intellectual impairment, bilateral motor deficits, generalized startle-induced seizures… CONTINUE READING


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