Starting-up roadmapping fast

  title={Starting-up roadmapping fast},
  author={Robert Phaal and Clare J. P. Farrukh and Robert Mitchell and David Probert},
  journal={IEEE Engineering Management Review},
This publication contains reprint articles for which IEEE does not hold copyright. Full text is not available on IEEE Xplore for these articles. 

Customizing roadmapping

This publication contains reprint articles for which IEEE does not hold copyright. Full text is not available on IEEE Xplore for these articles.

Customizing the technology roadmapping approach

  • R. PhaalCjp FarrukhJ. MillsD. Probert
  • Computer Science
    PICMET '03: Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology Technology Management for Reshaping the World, 2003.
  • 2003
This paper highlights some of the key learning that has emerged about how to customize the roadmapping method, based on more than 35 applications of the T-plan 'fast start' approach, which aims to economically initiate roadmapped in organizations.

From Future Scenarios to Roadmapping : A Practical Guide for Exploring Innovation and Strategy EFP Brief

  • Business
  • 2012
This methodology brief describes a procedure where we combine scenarios that allow us to anticipate and prepare for multiple futures with the process of roadmapping serving as a systematic decision

Computer Assisted A ordable Technological

It will be shown how to use modern information system technologies to provide a ordable roadmapping for high technology SMEs and the application of on-line TR to the new product development and market placement problem (NPD-MP).

A concurrent design approach for model-based technology roadmapping

This work describes an approach, where experts build and run models in a concurrent design environment allowing the evaluation of potential product architectures according to a defined set of figures of merit and at different time horizons, which can inform the planning of technology investment and development.

Data-driven Roadmapping Turning Challenges into Opportunities

A conceptual design for a system to help keep the roadmap alive—accurately reflecting current economic and business conditions, based on insights constantly obtained from various streams of information sources is proposed.

An exploration into the visual aspects of roadmaps: the views from a panel of experts

A panel of experts was brought together for a research workshop which consisted of a focus group activity and a visual critique which elicited the good vs. bad visual features of roadmap visualisations.

Mapping the knowledge evolution and professional network in the field of technology roadmapping: a bibliometric analysis

This study applies the bibliometric technique to analyse TRM related journal and conference articles published during 1987 and 2010 to reveal the body of knowledge and existing networks of TRM professionals and suggest potential collaborations among researchers and practitioners who have similar interests in the field.



Technology roadmapping: the integration of strategic and technology planning for competitiveness

  • O. BrayM.L. Garcia
  • Economics
    Innovation in Technology Management. The Key to Global Leadership. PICMET '97
  • 1997
Technology planning is becoming critical with the rapid development and obsolescence of technologies. Technology roadmapping provides a tool for selecting which technologies to pursue in what

Roadmapping Integrates Business and Technology

OVERVIEW: 2007 is Research-Technology Management's 50th year of publication. To mark the occasion, each issue has reprinted one of RTM's most frequently referenced articles. The articles were

Characterisation of technology roadmaps: purpose and format

  • R. PhaalCjp FarrukhD. Probert
  • Business
    PICMET '01. Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology. Proceedings Vol.1: Book of Summaries (IEEE Cat. No.01CH37199)
  • 2001
A 'fast-start' technology roadmapping process that has been developed to address industrial needs and a classification system for roadmaps to be constructed, based on both their purpose and format are described.

Science and technology roadmaps

This paper is a first attempt to bring some common definition to roadmapping practices and display the underlying unity of seemingly fragmented roadmap approaches.

T-Plan: the faststart to technology roadmapping—planning your route to success. Cambridge:InstituteforManufacturing,UniversityofCambridge,2001

  • 2001

Technology roadmapping: delivering business vision

  • 1997