Stark-selected beam of ground-state OCS molecules characterized by revivals of impulsive alignment.

  title={Stark-selected beam of ground-state OCS molecules characterized by revivals of impulsive alignment.},
  author={Jens H. Nielsen and Paw Simesen and Christer Z. Bisgaard and Henrik Stapelfeldt and Frank Filsinger and Bretislav Friedrich and Gerard Meijer and Jochen K{\"u}pper},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={13 42},
We make use of an inhomogeneous electrostatic dipole field to impart a quantum-state-dependent deflection to a pulsed beam of OCS molecules, and show that those molecules residing in the absolute ground state, X(1)Σ(+), |00(0)0>, J = 0, can be separated out by selecting the most deflected part of the molecular beam. Past the deflector, we irradiate the molecular beam by a linearly polarized pulsed nonresonant laser beam that impulsively aligns the OCS molecules. Their alignment, monitored via… CONTINUE READING

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