Starch biosynthesis: mechanism for the elongation of starch chains.

  title={Starch biosynthesis: mechanism for the elongation of starch chains.},
  author={Rupendra Mukerjea and Liangli Lucy Yu and John F. Robyt},
  journal={Carbohydrate research},
  volume={337 11},
Starch granules from eight diverse plant sources all had active starch synthases and branching enzymes inside the granules. The enzymes synthesized both amylose and amylopectin from ADPGlc. Pulsing of the granules with ADP-[14C]Glc gave synthesis of starch that on reduction and glucoamylase hydrolysis gave 14C-labeled D-glucitol. The pulsed label could be chased by nonlabeled ADPGlc to give a significant decrease of 14C-label in D-glucitol. Evidence further indicated that the synthase forms a… CONTINUE READING

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