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Star Formation and Young Clusters in Cygnus

  title={Star Formation and Young Clusters in Cygnus},
  author={Bo Reipurth and Nicola Schneider},
The Great Cygnus Rift harbors numerous very active regions of current or recent star formation. In this part of the sky we look down a spiral arm, so regions from only a few hundred pc to several kpc are superposed. The North America and Pelican nebulae, parts of a single giant HII region, are the best known of the Cygnus regions of star formation and are located at a distance of only about 600 pc. Adjacent, but at a distance of about 1.7 kpc, is the Cygnus X region, a ∼10 complex of actively… 

The historical record of massive star formation in Cygnus

Context. The Cygnus region, which dominates the local spiral arm of the Galaxy, is one of the nearest complexes of massive star formation, extending over several hundred parsecs. Its massive stellar

The Massive Star Population of Cygnus OB2

We have compiled a significantly updated and comprehensive census of massive stars in the nearby Cygnus OB2 association by gathering and homogenising data from across the literature. The census

Large-scale expansion of OB stars in Cygnus

The proper motions (PMs) of OB stars in Cygnus have recently been found to exhibit two large-scale kinematic patterns suggestive of expansion. We perform a 3D traceback on these OB stars, the

The Cygnus Allscale Survey of Chemistry and Dynamical Environments: CASCADE. Overview and first results towards DR20 from the Max Planck IRAM Observatory program (MIOP)

Over the last decades, high-mass star formation research has concentrated on either the large-scale molecular cloud environments or on the smallscale hot dense molecular cores surrounding massive

Structure and Mass Function of Open Cluster NGC 6910

NGC 6910 is located in a Cygnus X region, which is a ∼10◦ complex of actively star forming molecular clouds and young clusters, located at a distance of about 1.7 kpc (Reipurth & Schneider 2008).

The Formation of a Stellar Association in the NGC 7000/IC 5070 Complex: Results from Kinematic Analysis of Stars and Gas

We examine the clustering and kinematics of young stellar objects (YSOs) in the North America/Pelican Nebulae, as revealed by Gaia astrometry, in relation to the structure and motions of the

Unveiling the Physical Conditions in NGC 6910

Deep and wide-field optical photometric observations along with multiwavelength archival data sets have been employed to study the physical properties of the cluster NGC 6910. The study also examines

Spectroscopic characterization of the known O-star population in Cygnus OB2

Context. Cygnus OB2 provides a unique insight into the high-mass stellar content in one of the largest groups of young massive stars in our Galaxy. Although several studies of its massive population

Megahertz emission of massive early-type stars in the Cygnus region

Abstract Massive, early-type stars have been detected as radio sources for many decades. Their thermal winds radiate free–free continuum and in binary systems hosting a colliding-wind region,

Globules and pillars in Cygnus X. II. Massive star formation in the globule IRAS~20319+3958

Globules and pillars, impressively revealed by the Spitzer and Herschel satellites, for example, are pervasive features found in regions of massive star formation. We studied the globule IRAS



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