Stapled-wedge Collis gastroplasty for the shortened esophagus.

  title={Stapled-wedge Collis gastroplasty for the shortened esophagus.},
  author={Maria L Terry and Ashley Vernon and John G. Hunter},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={188 2},
BACKGROUND Minimally invasive Collis gastroplasty is an established technique for managing the shortened esophagus. The purpose of this report is to describe our new technique, the wedge gastroplasty, and report the short-term outcomes. METHODS All patients (n = 143) undergoing laparoscopic fundoplication from May 2000 to March 2001 were assessed intraoperatively for shortened esophagus. After mediastinal dissection, 15 patients with inadequate intraabdominal esophageal length underwent wedge… CONTINUE READING

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