Staphylococci from dental personnel.

  title={Staphylococci from dental personnel.},
  author={Maria Luzia Pereira and Luiz Sime{\~a}o do Carmo and Marcelo Quiroga Souki and Eduardo Jos{\'e} Melo dos Santos and M{\^o}nica Andrade de Carvalho and Merlin S. Bergdoll},
  journal={Brazilian dental journal},
  volume={10 1},
Thirty dental students and five professors were cultured in nares, throat, and hands for the presence of staphylococci. Twenty-four students and two professors were colonized with staphylococci that were classified as S. aureus. Twelve students and one professor were colonized with staphylococci that produced enterotoxin. Care needs to be taken to avoid contaminating patients during dental examination, particularly during any type of surgery.