Stapedectomy for far-advanced otosclerosis.

  title={Stapedectomy for far-advanced otosclerosis.},
  author={Paul F Shea and Xianxi Ge and John J Shea},
  journal={The American journal of otology},
  volume={20 4},
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to describe far-advanced otosclerosis and to present the authors' results with stapedectomy in 78 ears with far-advanced otosclerosis. STUDY DESIGN The study design was a retrospective case review. SETTING The study was conducted at an Otology/Neurotology tertiary referral center. PATIENTS Stapedectomy was performed on 78 ears of 60 patients with far-advanced otosclerosis, and the results followed from 1 to 21 years with a mean of 5 years. INTERVENTION… CONTINUE READING


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