Stanton Drew

  title={Stanton Drew},
  author={A. L. Lewis},
THE mysteries of this group of circles—the next in importance to those of Avebury and Stonehenge—are not yet fully unveiled, even by the very remarkable astronomical discoveries made in them by Sir Norman Lockyer or by his interesting description of them. 

Cosmology, calendars and society in Neolithic Orkney: a rejoinder to Euan MacKie

The authors examine critically MacKie's long-standing contentions concerning Neolithic Britain — theocratic control of society, the relationships between monuments and sunrise or sunset on

The Greater Stonehenge Cursus – the Long View

  • R. Loveday
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society
  • 2012
The WSW–ENE alignment of the Greater Stonehenge Cursus appears to have been prefigured by the line of Mesolithic post-holes found in the Stonehenge car park. If this is not a coincidence, a means of