Standardized mental stress in healthy volunteers induced by delayed auditory feedback (DAF)

  title={Standardized mental stress in healthy volunteers induced by delayed auditory feedback (DAF)},
  author={M. Badian, and E. Appel and Dieter Palm and W. Rupp and W. Sittig and Karl E. Taeuber},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology},
SummaryUsing delayed auditory feedback (delay 0.175 s) a standardized form of mental stress was investigated in 8 healthy male volunteers. After a resting period and a period of undelayed reading, the volunteers were exposed for 5 min to the DAF stress. During the DAF period heart rate increased by 10% and systolic and diastolic blood pressure increased by 9% and 18%, respectively. As a measure of acute sympathetic activation, plasma concentrations of norepinephrine and epinephrine rose by 68… 
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Excretion of catecholamines in urine under conditions of emotial stress (shocking movies)
  • T. Wróblewski, L. Markiewicz
  • Biology, Medicine
    Internationale Zeitschrift für angewandte Physiologie einschließlich Arbeitsphysiologie
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The results of this investigation proved that adrenaline excretion is a sensitive index of individual responses to psychological stressors and its level in urine corresponds to the degree of emotional arousal.
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Alcohol was found to lead to underestimation (a verbal estimate smaller than a given standard) in the absence of stress, but did not affect the estimates when stress was involved; a pronounced central effect was found under maximal stress which was not affected by alcohol.
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Increased sympathetic activity in man can be estimated in vivo as changes in DBH and/or CA concentration in plasma in contrast to a rapid decrease in sympathetic activity, which is directly reflected only by a rapid fall in the plasma concentrations of CA.
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The effect of standing and exercise on plasma catecholamines, serum insulin, and serum gastrin.
It is concluded that a moderate increase in adrenergic activity has no influence on glucose-stimulated insulin secretion.
Blood pressure and catecholamine responses to 'stress' in normotensive and hypertensive subjects.
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