Standardized EEG interpretation accurately predicts prognosis after cardiac arrest

  title={Standardized EEG interpretation accurately predicts prognosis after cardiac arrest},
  author={Erik Westhall and Andrea O. Rossetti and Anne-Fleur van Rootselaar and Troels Wesenberg Kjaer and Susann Ull{\'e}n and Niklas Quarfot Nielsen and Ingmar Ros{\'e}n and David Erlinge and Tommaso Pellis and Michael C Jaeger Wanscher and J{\o}rn Wetterslev and Matt Peter Wise and Manoj Saxena and Jennene J. Miller and Deborah M. Inskip and Lewis Macken and Simon Finfer and Noel Eatough and Frances Bass and Elizabeth A Yarad and Anne O'Connor and Simon N. Bird and Timothy Jewell and Gareth J. Davies and Karl Ng and Sharon Coward and Anders Aneman and John Patterson Coyle and Sharyn Parker and Frances E Bass and Sharon Micallef and Ann Brooks Gould and Meg L Harward and Kelly L. Thompson and Naomi Hammond and Parisa Glass and John Myburgh and Ondřej {\vS}m{\'i}d and Jan Belholavek and Mark{\'e}ta Kře{\vc}kov{\'a} and Ale{\vs} Kr{\'a}l and Jan Hor{\'a}k and Michal Otahal and Jan Rul{\'i}{\vs}ek and Jan Malik and Martin Prettl and Jesper Kjaergaard and Christian Hassager and John Alexander Myburgh and Soeren Boesgaard and Jacob E Moller and Ane Loof Johansen and Vincenzo Campanile and Alberto Peratoner and Francesca Verginella and Daniele G. Leone and Thomas Pellis and Andrea Roncarati and Eliana Franceschino and Anna Sanzani and Alice Martini and Micol Perlin and Paolo Pelosi and Iole Brunetti and Angelo Insorsi and Stefano Pezzato and Giorgio De Luca and Emanuela Gazzano and Gian Andrea Ottonello and Andrea Furgani and Rosanna Telani and Simona Maiani and Pascal Stammet and Christophe Werer and Jaqueline Kieffer and Janneke Horn and Annelou L vd Veen and Tineke Winters and Nicole P Juffermans and Michael J. Kuiper and PH Egbers and E. Christiaan Boerma and RT Gerritsen and Hanneke Buter and Celeste A. de Jager and Fellery de Lange and Maximilian Loos and PM Koetsier and Wp Kingma and Nienke Bruins and Lizanne de Kock and Marion J. E. Koopmans and Frank ven den Bosch and Monique AM Raaijmakers and Swl Metz-Hermans and Henrik Endeman and Saskia Rijkenberg and Alberto Bianchi and Jan Hovdenes and Jan Frederik Bugge and Hilde M Norum and Andrea Traverso Espinoza and Viesturs Kerans and Marion Koopmans and Morten Svalebj{\o}rg and Guro Grindheim and Arne Petersen and Andreas Baratt-Due and Jon Henrik Laake and Ulrik Spreng and Marte Marie Wallander Karlsen and J{\o}rund Lang{\o}ren and Rune Fanebust and Marianne S{\ae}trang Holm and Stine Iren Flinterud and Carsten Wickman and Jesper Johnsson and Florian Ebner and Nerida Gustavsson and Hel{\'e}ne Petersson and J{\"o}rgen Petersson and Faezheh Nasiri and Frida Stafilidou and Kristine Edqvist and Sven Uhlig and Gunilla Sk{\"o}ld and Johan Sanner and Jesper Wallskog and Nicholas Wyon and Martin Golster and Anders Samuelsson and C. E. Hildebrand and Taichi Kadowaki and Jessica Larsson-Viksten and Lina De Geer and Patrik Hansson and Henrik Appelberg and Anders Hellsten and Susanne Garcia Lind and Malin Rundgren and Thomas Kander and Johan Persson and Martin Annborn and Anne Adolfsson and Ingrid Corrigan and Tobias Cronberg and Marko Noc and Irina Dragancea and Johan Und{\'e}n and Marina Larsson and Michelle Chew and M{\aa}rten Unnerb{\"a}ck and Per Hyltoft Petersen and Anna Svedung-Rudebou and Robert Svensson and Hilde Elvenes and Carl B{\"a}ckman and Christian Rylander and Patrik Martner and Louise Martinell and Bj{\"o}rn Biber and Caisa Jacobson and Roman Desta Lindgren and Fatma Bergquist and Anders Thor{\'e}n and Martin Fredholm and Johan Sellgren and Lisa H{\aa}rd af Segerstad and Mikael L{\"o}fgren and Ingvor Gustavsson and Christina Henstr{\"o}m and Matilda Ahlqvist and Bertil Andersson and Karin Thiringer and Nadja Rydholm and Stefan Persson and Jawad Ameen Jawad and Ingela {\"O}stman and Ida Berglind and Eric Bergstr{\"o}m and Annika Andersson and Cathrine T{\"o}rnqvist and Y. H. Gasche and Nubia Lafayete Marques de Mello and Val{\'e}rie Gardaz and G Kleger and Claudia Schrag and Edith Faessler and Herv{\'e} Zender and Matthew Peter Wise and Nicki Palmer and Jen Fouweather and Jade M. Cole and Paul John Frost and Anton Gerhard Saayman and Tom Holmes and Christopher D Hingston and Gareth M Scholey and Helen H. Ma Watkins and Stephen J Fernandez and Andrew P Walden and Jane C. Atkinson and Nicola Jacques and Abby Brown and Julius Cranshaw and Peter Berridge and Rebecca Gumbrell McCormick and Martin Schuster-Bruce and Michelle Trotman Scott and Nigel David White and Emma Vickers and Guy W. Glover and Marlies Ostermann and Paul Holmes and Michail Koutroumanidis and Katie Lei and Barnaby Sanderson and John Smith and Matthew Moore and Phillip Melvin Randall and Johannes Mellinghoff and Azul Forti Buratti and Chris Ryan and Jonathan Ball and G. Gregory Francis},
OBJECTIVE To identify reliable predictors of outcome in comatose patients after cardiac arrest using a single routine EEG and standardized interpretation according to the terminology proposed by the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. METHODS In this cohort study, 4 EEG specialists, blinded to outcome, evaluated prospectively recorded EEGs in the Target Temperature Management trial (TTM trial) that randomized patients to 33°C vs 36°C. Routine EEG was performed in patients still… CONTINUE READING


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