Standard Specification for S-100 Bus Interface Devices

  title={Standard Specification for S-100 Bus Interface Devices},
  author={K. A. Elmquist and Howard Fullmer and David B. Gustavson and George Morrow},
This proposed standard eliminates many of the problems in the S-100 bus and upgrades it for 16-bit microprocessors. It is offered here for public comment before submission to the IEEE Standards Board. 

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Microprocessor Bus Structures and Standards

Bus structures must be transparent to the programmer of multiprocessor systems. Such transparency can be attained with the adoption of a standard data representation for future bus designs.

IEEE-488 interface using parallel I/O ports

Design of Multiprocessor Buses

This Chapter describes the transfer primitives used in parallel bus protocols, with emphasis on the functions used in multiprocessor systems.

A General Purpose Multicomputer System Based On The Ieee S-100 Bus

A general purpose multicomputer system based on the IEEE S-100 BUS with provisions for up to 16 computers using either 8 or 16 bit microprocessors with easy extension of the local computer bus to provide additional memory and/or 1/0 devices.

Some Examples of Multiprocessor Buses

This chapter describes four buses suitable to be used in multiprocessor systems: MULTIBUS, VME, P896, and M3. The electrical specifications, the protocol, and the key features are discussed for each

Design and Analysis of Arbitration Protocols

It is shown that the rotatingpriority protocol gives the best system performance and the unequal-priority protocol, which was originally intended for single-processor systems, is shown to offer the worst performance.

Model-based design and distributed implementation of bus arbiter for multiprocessors

A high-level distributed and abstract model of the bus arbiter for multiprocessors is proposed and it is proposed to automatically verify deadlock freedom property of these protocols and to automatically generate their distributed implementation.