Standard Model and 4-groups

  title={Standard Model and 4-groups},
  author={A Mikovi{\'c} and Marko Vojinovi{\'c}},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
We show that a categorical generalization of the the Poincaré symmetry which is based on the n-crossed modules becomes natural and simple when n = 3 and that the corresponding 3-form and 4-form gauge fields have to be a Dirac spinor and a Lorentz scalar, respectively. Hence by using a Poincaré 4-group we naturally incorporate fermionic and scalar matter into the corresponding 4-connection. The internal symmetries can be included into the 4-group structure by using a 3-crossed module based on… 
Gauge symmetry of the 3BF theory for a generic semistrict Lie three-group
The higher category theory can be employed to generalize the BF action to the so-called 3BF action, by passing from the notion of a gauge group to the notion of a gauge three-group. In this work we
Topological invariant of 4-manifolds based on a 3-group
Abstract We study a generalization of 4-dimensional BF-theory in the context of higher gauge theory. We construct a triangulation independent topological state sum Z, based on the classical 3BF
Higher form Yang-Mills as higher BFYM theories
This work finds that, for the BF theory, there is a deformation giving the formulation of the standard Yang-Mills theory, and builds the 3-form Yang-mills theory.


The Standard Model, The Exceptional Jordan Algebra, and Triality
Jordan, Wigner and von Neumann classified the possible algebras of quantum mechanical observables, and found they fell into 4 "ordinary" families, plus one remarkable outlier: the exceptional Jordan
Lie Algebras in Particle Physics: From Isospin to Unified Theories
We may not be able to make you love reading, but lie algebras in particle physics from isospin to unified theories frontiers in physics will lead you to love reading starting from now. Book is the
Superstring Theory: Volume 1, Introduction (Cambridge
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