Standard Methods for the examination of water and wastewater

  title={Standard Methods for the examination of water and wastewater},
  author={Awwa and Wef},
  • Awwa, Wef
  • Published 1999
  • Environmental Science
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Material de Referencia para la Determinación de la Demanda Quí­mica de Oxígeno en Aguas y Aguas Residuales
With the objective of obtaining a reference material for the determination of the chemical demand of oxygen in waters and residual waters, was carried out a ...
Evaluation of Disinfection Units for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
reflect the views and policies of the SWRCB, nor does the mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendations for use.
Aquaculture is an economic activity in current expansion that requires large volumes of water in its productive process, and fish culture farms in earthen dug ponds are a major source of income for farmers. Expand
Diseño de un sistema compacto de potabilización de agua para consumo humano en la granja la fortaleza ubicada en el municipio de Melgar- Tolima
This degree work contains the design of a compact water purification system for Granja La Fortaleza, located in the municipality of Melgar - Tolima. The system is developed in a single moduleExpand
Determinação da demanda química de oxigênio (DQO) em águas e efluentes por método colorimétrico alternativo.
O objetivo do trabalho, foi aplicar, em aguas e efluentes, metodos alternativo de determinacao da demanda quimica de oxigenio, apos estudos metodologicos da colorimetrica do cromio (III) no sistemaExpand
Uso de macrofitas acuáticas en el tratamiento de aguas para el cultivo de maiz y sorgo
La calidad del agua obtenida de humedales artificiales y el efecto del agUA tratada sobre las primeras etapas de crecimiento de sorgo (Sorghum... Expand
Treatment of liquid effluents by catalytic ozonation and photo-Fenton's processes
Dissertacao de mestrado em Engenharia Quimica, apresentada a Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra
Peracetic acid as an alternative wastewater disinfectant to chlorine dioxide
The aim of this study was to compare the efficiency of peracetic acid with that of chlorine dioxide in the disinfection of wastewater from a sewage treatment plant that has been using peracetics acid as a disinfectant since 1998. Expand
Evaluación analítica para la determinación de fósforo total en aguas por el método del ácido ascórbico
It was found limits of detection and quantification, precision and accuracy for the determination of total phosphorus in water by ascorbic acid colorimetric method. The aim was to confirm the correctExpand
Microbiological monitoring of mineral water commercialized in Brazil
Bottled mineral water could be considered a possible route for the transmission of filamentous fungi and yeasts in Brazil because of its high microbial content. Expand


The Stability of Turbidity in Raw Water and Its Relationship to Chlorine Demand
Cette etude montre que la demande en chlore depend davantage de la nature chimique de l'eau brute que de la matiere particulaire
Correction: Field Test for Analysis of Anionic Detergents in Well Waters
design, operating procedures, and rawwater quality limits. Considerable additional research must be accomplished before this relatively new tool can be evaluated and fully applied to the needs of theExpand
Fundamental characteristics of water treatment plant sludges
Etude theorique et experimentale des proprietes des flocs de boues residuaires provenant de stations de traitement d'eau potable (granularite, forme densite). Influence de ces caracteristiques sur laExpand
Assessing the Quality of Flavor Profile Analysis Data
Flavor profile analysis (FPA) data for influent and effluent water samples from two Philadelphia treatment systems were studied, along with quality control protocols, in order to optimize the FPAExpand
Selenium in environmental waters: Determination, speciation and concentration levels.
This article reviews the different methods used for the determination of selenium species in all types of environmental waters. Basic difficulties are discussed and the efficiency of the methods isExpand
Elimination of nitrite interference in the determination of selenium by hydride generation
The levels of nitrite typically found in natural waters (<3 μM) can interfere significantly in the determination of selenium species by hydride generation. This interference was not found in theExpand
Investigation of the Corrosive Behavior of Waters
  • W. Stumm
  • Environmental Science, Materials Science
  • 1960
An interpretation is given to specific corrosion results obtained in field and laboratory investigations. The complex mutual interaction of corrosion stimulating and inhibiting factors (pH, bufferExpand
Ecological basis for regulating aquatic emissions from the power industry: the case with selenium.
  • A. Lemly
  • Medicine
  • Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP
  • 1985
The ecological data base indicates that new, rigorous water quality criteria for selenium are needed; criteria presently proposed by EPA and others would not protect freshwater life if adopted as standards by regulatory agencies. Expand