Standard Malay (Brunei)

  title={Standard Malay (Brunei)},
  author={Adrian Clynes and David H. Deterding},
  journal={Journal of the International Phonetic Association},
  pages={259 - 268}
  • A. Clynes, D. Deterding
  • Published 12 July 2011
  • Linguistics
  • Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Malay (Bahasa Melayu) is a member of the Malayic subgroup of the Austronesian language family. This subgroup includes languages like Gayo in Sumatra (Eades & Hajek 2006), Minangkabau in Sumatra, and Iban in Borneo, as well as many local dialects of Malay found in Borneo, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, and eastern Indonesia (Adelaar 2005). 

Identification of Bruneian Ethnic Groups from their English Pronunciation

The study investigates the identification of the two main ethnic groups in Brunei, the Malays and the Chinese, from their speech in English using recordings of a read passage. Twenty undergraduate

The Malays of Brunei: an investigation of their family language policies

Studies on Brunei Malay have made inconsistent findings: while some have asserted that this variety is thriving and is in no way endangered, others have found that its use is now waning. As the dyn...

The Pronunciation of Kedayan

This paper describes the pronunciation of Kedayan, a minority indigenous language spoken in Brunei Darussalam that is closely related to Brunei Malay. Kedayan has 17 consonants and 3 vowels. One

Rindu Rustic: Singapore Nostalgias in Modern Malay Prose*

ABSTRACT Inspired by Walter Mignolo’s call to decolonise knowledge, this article reassesses the universal applicability of Sveltana Boym’s celebrated theory of nostalgia unto contexts outside of

Rindu Rustic: Singapore Nostalgias in Modern Malay Prose*

ABSTRACTInspired by Walter Mignolo’s call to decolonise knowledge, this article reassesses the universal applicability of Sveltana Boym’s celebrated theory of nostalgia unto contexts outside of pos...

The Phonetics of Malay

Malay is one of the major languages in the world, but there has been relatively little detailed research on its phonetics. This Element provides an overview of existing descriptions of the

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Acquiring a language begins with the knowledge of its sounds system which falls under the branch of linguistics known as phonetics. The knowledge of the sound system becomes very important to

Measurements of the Rhythm of Malay

Acoustic measurements of the rhythm of Malay were made using a version the North Wind and the Sun passage translated into Malay, and these are compared with similar measurements for Standard Southern

The Homogenization of Ethnic Differences in Singapore English? A Consonantal Production Study

Con consonantal production in SgE is found to be largely independent of substrate influence and relatively uniform across the three ethnicities, which sheds light on bilinguals’ acquisition of sounds, and provides phonological evidence toward the understanding of the evolutionary process of postcolonial Englishes.

Malay English intonation: the cooperative rise

This paper presents the findings of a study on the intonational features in ten proficient Malay Speakers of English (MSEs), focusing on a distinct rising tone (the Cooperative Rise, CR). Using




  • J. Hajek
  • Linguistics
    Journal of the International Phonetic Association
  • 2006
Gayo is an Austronesian language spoken by some 260,000 people in the central highlands of the Indonesian province of Aceh, at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. Gayo belongs to the

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