Standard Language and Socio-Historical Parameters: Standard Lankan Tamil

  title={Standard Language and Socio-Historical Parameters: Standard Lankan Tamil},
  author={Thiru Kandiah},
Revisiting Ferguson's defining cases of diglossia
Abstract While the defining cases of diglossia offered in Charles Ferguson's 1959 article have long been useful as vehicles for introducing this important form of societal multilingualism, they are
Une division sociale du travail linguistique : enseigner le tamoul comme langue d’origine à Montréal, Québec
Les politiques nationalistes et internationales exercent des influences diverses sur la valeur economique et le capital social rattaches a des varietes de tamoul, enseignees comme deux langues
Rewriting the past and reimagining the future: The social life of a Tamil heritage language industry
Globally circulating discourses associated with heritage language industries often promote temporally dichotomous views of spoken and written languages that deny coeval status to linguistic
Between Convergence and Divergence: Reformatting Language Purism in the Montreal Tamil Diasporas
This article examines how ideologies of language purism are reformatted by creating interdiscursive links across spatial and temporal scales. I trace convergences and divergences between South Asian
Diglossia: A Bibliographic Review.
The bibliography following the body of this paper contains a total of 1,092 entries on the subject of diglossia. Entries dealing with diglossia in the classical sense of Ferguson (1959) and in the
The case of the nonce loan in Tamil
Nonce borrowings in the speech of bilinguals differ from established loanwords in that they are not necessarily recurrent, widespread, or recognized by host language monolinguals. With established
Language Policy in South Asia
In the political divisions within South Asia there has traditionally been no organized effort for language policies.1 Language was essentially related to one's caste, village, district, and state.


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