Standalone CMAC Control System With Online Learning Ability


A cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC) control system, which contains only one single-input controller implemented by a differentiable CMAC, is proposed in this paper. In the proposed scheme, the CMAC controller is solely used to control the plant, and no conventional controller is needed. Without a preliminary offline learning, the single-input CMAC controller can provide the control effort to the plant at each online learning step. To train the differentiable CMAC online, the gradient descent algorithm is employed to derive the learning rules. The sensitivity of the plant, with respect to the input, is approximated by a simple formula so that the learning rules can be applied to unknown plants. Moreover, based on a discrete-type Lyapunov function, conditions on the learning rates guaranteeing the convergence of the output error are derived in this paper. Finally, simulations on controlling three different plants are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed controller.

DOI: 10.1109/TSMCB.2009.2030334

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