Stalking the Susquehannocks

  title={Stalking the Susquehannocks},
  author={Marianne Mithun},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
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  • M. Mithun
  • Published 1981
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
0. Introduction 1. Neighboring nations 2. The method of subgrouping 3. Evidence from lexical innovations 3.1. Tuscarora-Nottoway 3.2. Huron 3.3. The Five Nations languages 3.3.1. The Western languages 3.3.2. Onondaga 3.3.3. The Eastern languages 3.4. Conclusions from lexical evidence 4. Evidence from phonological innovations 4.1. Tuscarora-Nottoway 4.2. Huron 4.3. The Western languages 4.3.1. Seneca 4.3.2. Cayuga 4.4. Onondaga 4.5. The Eastern languages 4.5.1. Oneida 4.5.2. Mohawk 5… Expand
Reconstructing grammar : comparative linguistics and grammaticalization
1. Preface 2. Areal typology and grammaticalization: The emergence of new verbal morphology in an obsolescent language (by Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y.) 3. Florescence as a Force in GrammaticalizationExpand
Linguistic Clues to Iroquoian Prehistory
This paper employs a quantitative analysis of lexical data to generate a tree describing the historical relationships among Iroquoian languages. An alternative to glottochronology is used to estimateExpand
Repatriation and Constructs of Identity
This paper examines the methodology by which cultural affiliation is determined through the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) of 1990. Using a case study of culturalExpand
Affixation and Morphological Longevity
Often some of the oldest morphemes in a language are affixes, in part because they represent a later stage in natural processes of grammaticization; over time, lexical items may become grammaticalExpand
The Southern Algonquians and Their Neighbours


The Voyages of Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cartier's voyages of 1534, 1535, and 1541constitute the first record of European impressions of the St Lawrence region of northeastern North American and its peoples. The Voyages are rich inExpand
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