Stakeholder Identification

  title={Stakeholder Identification},
  author={Pascal Bohulu Mabelo},
  journal={How to Manage Project Stakeholders},
Analysis of Barriers to the Deployment of Health Information Systems: a Stakeholder Perspective
It was found that the group of stakeholders who are directly related to the governance and policy-making identified most of the barriers, which may imply that this group is more aware of the challenges when implementing HIS, or it may suggest that they poses more resistance due to the current economic and Organizational models in health care.
Sheltersuit meets technology: sensing the risk of hypothermia
A module is developed to measure the risk of mild hypothermia of the Sheltersuit user and adapts its output notification to the risk level of the user.
Responsible innovation: from concept to application:cases of energy technology adoption in Indonesia
The adoption of solar PV in telecom towers is considered as a sustainable innovation in powering the towers. Such adoption involves different actors who hold different tasks and responsibilities.