Stains on My Name, War in My Veins: Guyana and the Politics of Cultural Struggle

  title={Stains on My Name, War in My Veins: Guyana and the Politics of Cultural Struggle},
  author={Brackette F. Williams},
Burdened with a heritage of both Spanish and British colonization and imperialism, Guyana is today caught between its colonial past, its efforts to achieve the consciousness of nationhood, and the need of its diverse subgroups to maintain their own identity. Stains on My Name, War in My Veins chronicles the complex struggles of the citizens of Guyana to form a unified national culture against the pulls of ethnic, religious, and class identities. Drawing on oral histories and a close study of… 

Behind the banner of culture? Gender, ‘race,’ and the family in Guyana

Suggests that the family plays a role in the production of gendered and racialized differences in the Caribbean. Author focuses especially on Guyana, and the differences between Afro- and

Ethnic identities and nationalism in the streets : the political manipulation of art and religion in Trinidad, West Indies

Ethnic Identities and Nationalism in the Streets: The Political Manipulation of Art and Religion in Trinidad, West Indies. (August 2000) Francesca Giancristofaro-Caivi, B.A.; B.S.; M.S., University

The Cauxin-femme binary: Femme performativity as a response to violence in Guyana

An examination of lesbian, bisexual, queer and gay women of mixed-race middle-class status in the city of Georgetown, Guyana as they negotiate racialized heteropatriarchal violence reveals the ways in which women embody a strategic femme-ness in a political, racial, class, and gender hierarchical society.

Jahaji Bhai: The emergence of a Dougla poetics in Trinidad and Tobago

This paper explores the issues of ethnicity and identity in the post‐colonial Caribbean with special reference to Trinidad and Tobago. As with other multi‐ethnic post‐colonial societies, the collapse

Competing victimhoods: a framework for the analysis of post-colonial multi-ethnic societies

ABSTRACT This essay seeks to interrupt the dominant discourse on race, ethnicity, gender and class (intersectionality) globally, which has focussed on the experiences of ‘whites’ with their others,

The Cold War and decolonization in British Guiana: The Anglo-American intervention and Guianese nationalist politics

The Cold War and Decolonization in British Guiana: The Anglo-American Intervention and Guianese Nationalist Politics Joshua David Esposito This thesis examines the end of colonial rule in British

Emancipating the nation (again): Notes on nationalism, “modernization,” and other dilemmas in post‐colonial Jamaica

This paper is a preliminary discussion of some of the issues raised by the restoration of Emancipation Day to the calendar of public holidays in 1997, the 35th anniversary of independence in Jamaica,

The Bakru Speaks: Money-Making Demons and Racial Stereotypes in Guyana and Suriname

Throughout the Guianas, people of all ethnicities fear one particular kind of demonic spirit. Called baccoo in Guyana, bakru in coastal Suriname, and bakulu or bakuu among Saamaka and Ndyuka Maroons

The Persistent Power of "Race" in the Cultural and Political Economy of Racism

Historically, anthropology has occupied a central place in the construction and reconstruction of race as both an intellectual device and a social reality. Critiques of the biological concept of race