Staging Sex and Masculinity at the Mineshaft

  title={Staging Sex and Masculinity at the Mineshaft},
  author={Ira Tattelman},
  journal={Men and Masculinities},
  pages={300 - 309}
This article serves as an inquiry into masculine space: it uses the gay male clubs of the 1970s to discuss masculinity, performance, and spatial configuration. Within these spaces, gay men underwent a conversion (public to the other men at the clubs, private to society at large); they inverted dominant culture for their own purposes, projecting, acting on, and maybe even transcending their imaginings and desires. The reciprocity between space and program as conceptual frame and the individual’s… 

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The mineshaft: a retrospective ethnography.

The Mineshaft functioned to provide a relatively safe environment for liminal erotic behaviors, and did so in response to a variety of sociocultural conditions, including the lack of institutionalized anticipatory socialization for intramale sexual relations, and the tension between S&M and non-S&M gay male styles.

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