Stage description, new combination and new records of Neotropical Brachycercinae (Ephemeroptera: Caenidae).

  title={Stage description, new combination and new records of Neotropical Brachycercinae (Ephemeroptera: Caenidae).},
  author={Kamila Batista Angeli and Frederico Falc{\~a}o Salles and Roberta Paresque and Carlos Molineri and Lucas Ramos Costa Lima},
  volume={4088 2},
We present taxonomic contributions and new records for Neotropical Brachycercinae based on material from Brazil. We performed a phylogenetic analysis in order to test the relationship between Alloretochus Sun & McCafferty, 2008 and Latineosus Sun & Mc- Cafferty, 2008, and Alloretochus sigillatus was recovered in the Latineosus clade. Therefore, we propose a new combination, Latineosus sigillatus comb. n. The nymph of Latineosus sigillatus is described and is associated with imago through… 
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Description of nymph of Brasilocaenis atawallpa Lima, Molineri, Vieira, Pinheiro amp; Salles, 2019 (Ephemeroptera: Caenidae) and notes on its taxonomic status.

The lectotype and paralectotypes of B. atawallpa are designated and its nymphal stage described, which can be differentiated from others known nymphs of the genus by absence of pointed microspines on opercular gill and tarsal claws without denticles.



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Alloretochus sigillatus sp. nov. is described from adults of both sexes and eggs from Bolivia and Ecuador. Diagnostic characters of this species include: large body size, ratio pedicel/scape 1.75,

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The unique feature of this species is a process which stands erect from the center of the second abdominal tergite which is present on males, females and nymphs.

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The mayfly subfamily Brachycercinae (Pannota: Caenidae) is redefined and shown to be an apotypic, monophyletic group based on numerous synapomorphies, including, for example in the larvae, the

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  • Annales de la Société Entomologique de Belgiqe
  • 1924

A revision of the Caenidae with ocellar tubercles in the nymphal stage (Ephemeroptera)

  • Acta Universitatis Carolinae — Biologica
  • 1986