Stage I and II subdiaphragmatic Hodgkin's disease.

  title={Stage I and II subdiaphragmatic Hodgkin's disease.},
  author={D H Mai and Richard E Peschel and Carol S Portlock and A H Knowlton and Leonard R Farber},
  volume={68 7},
From January 1971 to December 1986, 521 patients with Hodgkin's disease were evaluated and treated at the Yale University School of Medicine or one of its close affiliates. A total of 258 patients had pathologic stage (PS) I or II disease, with 239 patients having Hodgkin's disease above the diaphragm (ADHD) and 19 patients having Hodgkin's disease below the diaphragm (BDHD). A comparison of patients with BDHD versus patients with ADHD showed that patients with BDHD were older (mean age, 42… CONTINUE READING