Stadia i strefowość mineralizacji kruszcowej w paleozoiku okolic Myszkowa

  title={Stadia i strefowoś{\'c} mineralizacji kruszcowej w paleozoiku okolic Myszkowa},
  author={Jadwiga Śl{\'o}sarz},
Stages and zonality of ore mineralization in Palaeozoic rocks of the environs of Myszkow The paper deals with the results of mineralogical study of mineralization phenomena in Palaeozoic rocks in the region of Myszkow, in the NE margin of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. Ore mineralization belongs to various stages of the diastrophic evolution of Palaeozoic deposits. Pyritic and magnetite-epidote assemblages are connected with regional metamorphism whilst the magnetite-galena-sphalerite one is… CONTINUE READING


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