Stacking Disorder by Design: Factors Governing the Polytypism of Silver Iodide upon Precipitation and Formation from the Superionic Phase

  title={Stacking Disorder by Design: Factors Governing the Polytypism of Silver Iodide upon Precipitation and Formation from the Superionic Phase},
  author={Rachael L. Smith and Martin Vickers and Martin Rosillo-Lopez and Christoph G. Salzmann},
  journal={Crystal Growth \& Design},
Silver iodide (AgI) is used for a wide range of applications from photocatalysis and antimicrobial coatings to photography and ice nucleation. By fitting powder X-ray diffraction patterns with DIFFaX, we show that AgI displays a strong tendency to form stacking-disordered materials. Its polytypism is determined by the silver cation to iodide molar ratio during precipitation. Under iodide-rich conditions, fully hexagonal b-AgI is obtained whereas a maximal percentage of cubic stacking of 80% is… 
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