Stacked search for gravitational waves from the 2006 SGR 1900+14 storm

  title={Stacked search for gravitational waves from the 2006 SGR 1900+14 storm},
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We present the results of a LIGO search for short-duration gravitational waves (GWs) associated with the 2006 March 29 SGR 1900+14 storm. A new search method is used, "stacking" the GW data around the times of individual soft-gamma bursts in the storm to enhance sensitivity for models in which multiple bursts are accompanied by GW emission. We assume that variation in the time difference between burst electromagnetic emission and potential burst GW emission is small relative to the GW signal… CONTINUE READING

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W. G. Anderson, P. R. Brady, J. D. Creighton, É. É. Flanagan
  • 2009