Stachybotrys, a mycotoxin-producing fungus of increasing toxicologic importance.

  title={Stachybotrys, a mycotoxin-producing fungus of increasing toxicologic importance.},
  author={Frederick Fung and Richard A F Clark and Saralyn R. Williams},
  journal={Journal of toxicology. Clinical toxicology},
  volume={36 1-2},
BACKGROUND Stachybotrys as a fungus has been implicated as a source of mycotoxins. While the toxicity of several well-known mycotoxins (aflatoxins) is well documented, recent studies on Stachybotrys have raised the question that mycotoxins produced by this fungus may be responsible for the health effects of occupants in water-damaged buildings. METHODS Published articles regarding Stachybotrys-related mycotoxins were reviewed with particular focus on human toxicity. RESULTS A critical… CONTINUE READING


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