Stable two-dimensional soliton complexes in Bose–Einstein condensates with helicoidal spin–orbit coupling

  title={Stable two-dimensional soliton complexes in Bose–Einstein condensates with helicoidal spin–orbit coupling},
  author={Yaroslav V. Kartashov and E. Ya. Sherman and Boris A. Malomed and Vladimir V. Konotop},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
We show that attractive two-dimensional (2D) spinor Bose–Einstein condensates with helicoidal spatially periodic spin–orbit coupling (SOC) support a rich variety of stable fundamental solitons and bound soliton complexes. Such states exist with chemical potentials belonging to the semi-infinite gap in the band spectrum created by the periodically modulated SOC. All these states exist above a certain threshold value of the norm. The chemical potential of fundamental solitons attains the bottom… 
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