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Stable spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric functions, combinatorial identities, and half-space Yang-Baxter random field

  title={Stable spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric functions, combinatorial identities, and half-space Yang-Baxter random field},
  author={Kai-bao Chen and Xiang-Mao Ding},
Abstract. Stable spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric polynomials labeled by partitions were recently introduced by Borodin and Wheeler in the context of higher spin six vertex models, which are one-parameter deformation of the Hall-Littlewood polynomials. We present a new combinatorial definition for the stable spin Hall-Littlewood polynomials, and derive a series of new combinatorial identities, including the skew Littlewood identity, refined Cauchy identity and refined Littlewood identity… 
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