Stable quantum key distribution with active polarization control based on time-division multiplexing

  title={Stable quantum key distribution with active polarization control based on time-division multiplexing},
  author={Jie Chen and Guang Wu and Lilin Xu and Xiaorong Gu and E. Wu and Heping Zeng},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
Polarization-encoding provides a promising approach for the practical quantum key distribution (QKD) system due to the simple encoding and decoding method. Here we present a long-term stable polarization-encoding QKD with a real-time polarization control. The polarization of the signal photons in the optical fiber was maintained stable by using time-division-multiplexed reference pulses for feedback control. We implemented this technique in the QKD experiment in 50 km fiber to show that it… Expand
Experimental demonstration of polarization encoding quantum key distribution system based on intrinsically stable polarization-modulated units.
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  • Physics, Engineering
  • Iberoamerican Meeting of Optics and the Latin American Meeting of Optics, Lasers and Their Applications
  • 2013
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  • W. Hwang
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 2003
A decoy-pulse method to overcome the photon-number-splitting attack for Bennett-Brassard 1984 quantum key distribution protocol in the presence of high loss by intentionally and randomly replacing signal pulses by multiphoton pulses (decoy pulses). Expand