Stable polyanhydride synthesized from sebacic acid and ricinoleic acid.

  title={Stable polyanhydride synthesized from sebacic acid and ricinoleic acid.},
  author={Moran Haim-Zada and Arijit Basu and Tal Hagigit and Ron Schlinger and Michael Grishko and Alexander Kraminsky and Ezra Hanuka and Abraham J. Domb},
  journal={Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society},
Poly(anhydride) are unstable and prone to hydrolytic degradation and depolymerisation via anhydride interchange. They are stored at -20°C, packed under inert atmosphere until use. We synthesized a new poly(anhydride) from ricinoleic (RA) and sebacic (SA) acid with alternating ester-anhydride structure that is stable at 25°C for over 18months. The copolymer is also stable in chloroform solution and under γ-irradiation. The polymer hydrolyses through anhydride cleavage lasting ~7days to form… CONTINUE READING