Stable isotopes in ecosystem science: structure, function and dynamics of a subtropical Savanna.

  title={Stable isotopes in ecosystem science: structure, function and dynamics of a subtropical Savanna.},
  author={Thomas W Boutton and Steven R. Archer and Andrew J. Midwood},
  journal={Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM},
  volume={13 13},
Stable isotopes are often utilized as intrinsic tracers to study the effects of human land uses on the structural and functional characteristics of ecosystems. Here, we illustrate how stable isotopes of H, C, and O have been utilized to document changes in ecosystem structure and function using a case study from a subtropical savanna ecosystem. Specifically, we demonstrate that: (1) delta 13C values of soil organic carbon record a vegetation change in this ecosystem from C4 grassland to C3… CONTINUE READING
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