Stable-isotope dimethyl labeling for quantitative proteomics.

  title={Stable-isotope dimethyl labeling for quantitative proteomics.},
  author={J Hsu and Sheng-Yu Huang and N W Chow and Shu-hui Chen},
  journal={Analytical chemistry},
  volume={75 24},
In this paper, we report a novel, stable-isotope labeling strategy for quantitative proteomics that uses a simple reagent, formaldehyde, to globally label the N-terminus and epsilon-amino group of Lys through reductive amination. This labeling strategy produces peaks differing by 28 mass units for each derivatized site relative to its nonderivatized counterpart and 4 mass units for each derivatized isotopic pair. This labeling reaction is fast (less than 5 min) and complete without any… CONTINUE READING