Stable inheritance of plasmid R1 requires two different loci.

  title={Stable inheritance of plasmid R1 requires two different loci.},
  author={Kenn Gerdes and J. E. Larsen and Soeren Molin},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={161 1},
The largest EcoRI fragment from plasmid R1 mediates a stability phenotype which is required to ensure the stable inheritance of this low-copy-number plasmid. When covalently linked to small, unstable R1 derivatives, this fragment makes the plasmids as stable as the wild-type R1 plasmid. A genetic analysis showed that two independently acting stabilization functions are encoded by this EcoRI fragment, both of which have the potential of partial stabilization of mini-R1 plasmids. The two loci are… CONTINUE READING