Stable incorporation of plasmid DNA into higher plant cells: the molecular basis of crown gall tumorigenesis

  title={Stable incorporation of plasmid DNA into higher plant cells: the molecular basis of crown gall tumorigenesis},
  author={Mary-Dell M Chilton and M. Drummond and D. Merlo and D. Sciaky and E. Nester},
  • Mary-Dell M Chilton, M. Drummond, +2 authors E. Nester
  • Published 1977
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • Abstract Evidence is presented that crown gall tumors are caused by the incorporation of part of a virulence plasmid carried by the inciting bacterium, Agrobacterium tumefaciens. The rate of reassociation of labeled plasmid DNA was slightly accelerated in the presence of tobacco crown gall tumor DNA, but not normal tobacco DNA. Treatment of tumor DNA with DNAase abolished the acceleration. To determine whether all plasmid sequences are represented in tumor DNA, the labeled plasmid DNA was… CONTINUE READING
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