Stable heteroclinic cycles and symbolic dynamics.

  title={Stable heteroclinic cycles and symbolic dynamics.},
  author={Llu{\'i}s Alsed{\`a} and Jean Marc Gambaudo and P. Mumbr{\'u}},
  volume={4 2},
Let S(1) (0), S(1) (1),.,S(1) (n-1) be n circles. A rotation in n circles is a map f: union or logical sum (i=0) (n-1)S(1) (i)--> union or logical sum (i=0) (n-1)S(1) (i) which maps each circle onto another by a rotation. This particular type of interval exchange map arises naturally in bifurcation theory. In this paper we give a full description of the symbolic dynamics associated to such maps. 

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